French Welcome Bag: Hand Delivered Picnic Style


What if you could taste the best Paris foods as soon as you arrive? 

Your Welcome to Paris bag is full of the best French foods to try: Fresh Baguette, Cheese, accompanying wine, all the necessities to even bring it out for a picnic along the Seine River or under the Eiffel Tower.  

My Parisian Life has teamed up with some of the best fromageries and sommeliers in Paris to offer a taste tested package - Hand selected and Hand delivered to you - at your apartment. 

Re-Usable Tote Bag includes:

Fresh "Tradition" Baguette

Seasonal Wine (choice of red, white or rose)

Accompanying Cheese (cow & goat) 

Poster map of the coolest spots in Paris (our 2017 curated list)

Paris Post Card

Bag of Speciality French Roasted coffee 

Glasses, Napkins, Utensils etc

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French Welcome Bag: Hand Delivered Picnic Style